Monday, February 21, 2005

Chapter 3: The Flubsome Institute Chronicles

This is chapter 3 of the Flubsome Institute Chronicles. For new readers, this is called satire. We poke fun at certain political figures. But of course, we do so with the utmost of respect and certainly no ill intent, despite the obvious intentions of others to destroy public education.

Quick Review: Our super bloggers have discovered a secret document taken from the musty archives of the Flubsome Institute by a mole we can only describe as, "The Leprechaun." (Don't laugh now...Deep Throat was taken.) The Flubsome Institute closely resembles the Hudson Institute, a political stinktank where former administration officials were very, very gainfully employed. Our super bloggers have been using their top secret decoder rings taken from their Lucky Charms cereal boxes and have been deciphering the secret documents. Chapters 1 and 2 (reviewed in previous postings) outline the Flubsome's secret strategies that mysteriously resemble the legislative session unfolding before our very sorry eyes.

Page 3

Strategies for the Demise of Education (continued)

Baffle the public with misinformation, misdirection and anonymous quotes.

Especially from members of the governor's office. (Please note that we did not use the word "lie." We know what happens if you say lie - you have to apologize and tell the man you're sorry.) Make sure these quotes are off the record so the governor and his assistants' names are never attached to them.

After carefully deciphering the strange hieroglyphics outlining these secret plans for bringing down public education, our super bloggers stumbled across this quote from the Indy Star.

Not everyone feels sorry for schools.
Critics say administrators should have used the cushy 8 percent budget increases of the 1980s to sock away money for leaner times, instead of expecting similar handouts year after year.
Schools also have accumulated too many expenses that have nothing to do with children, state officials suggest. A state report last fall showed education spending in Indiana has ballooned by 69 percent in a decade, but much of the money was shifted away from educating children.

Note the use of the words "critics", and "state officials." Don't tell us the reporters don't know who said this. "State Officials" don't want their names used because then these statements will be exposed as "l....s." We didn't say the word!!

Eight percent (8%) increases? I don't know how many got 8% raises in the 80's but our districts never saw it. But if so that is clearly an issue of inequity in funding. An issue the contributors to this blog have complained about for some time.

Note the use of the word"handouts." That's right, the school formula provides "handouts" to those welfare grubbing public school people. Wouldn't you like to know which administration official has let his feelings be known with such clarity? Of course their names aren't going to be attached to it.

Note the use of the word "sock" money away. No school was even legally permitted to "sock" money away during the 80's even if they could have. When schools were permitted to create "Rainy Day Funds" to "sock"money away, few schools were able to do so due to dramatically increasing property and casualty insurances, health insurances and utilities increases.

But hey, us Flubsome Institute types are talking off the record here to reporters. The public won't know how school finance works. So who will know the difference? Only the superintendents and no one wants to listen to them anyway. They are expected to whine when budgets are cut. No one will know the difference.

Note the use of "ballooned 69 percent" but the money was "shifted away from educating children." No money was ever shifted anywhere. Shifting money is only legal for the legislature. When they raid all the funds there are until they can't stay solvent, they will shift their responsibility to the local districts because they are far more dependable than state officials. (FICA 1993, TRF 1995) The local tax payers never default on their obligations, and they never shift money from fund to fund. But hey, us Flubsome folks can say they do and who will know the difference.

Our decoders are running low again.

Stay tuned. If more documents are discovered in the musty archives you will hear it here first.

(Insert really scary music here..........fade to black)


At Tuesday, February 22, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Super Blogger,

As a red bloodied, American, Indiana Superintendent, and now an Independent (Don't blame me, I voted for Kernan!), I do not want to run around like Chicken Little spouting that the sky is falling, the sky is falling! but isn't it for public education. As was uncovered in the Flubsome Institute Chronicles, I want to add that there is a conspiracy in our state government that will evidently be uncovered that will show that a new wave of "covert" consolidation will be taking place in the next few years that will force small rural school corporations to join with other school corporations to make us bigger so that we can provide programs and services to all of our students. Not that that may not be a good idea, however, but I think that the people in Indiana should be made aware before it is too late, that their small, little, country-bumpkin school corporation will evidentially be goobled up by the bigger, badder school corporation closest to where it is. It will happen whether any of us like it or not. Beware! You have been warned. "Watch your Lucky Charms!" The Wildcatter

At Wednesday, February 23, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

WE JUST CAN'T LET THIS HAPPEN - the same Indy Star article stated - "Jason Trather put off a school-sponsored summer trip to France for three years so he could mow lawns for extra cash. The Waldron High School junior signed up for French IV for his senior year. But Trather, 16, found out last week that the class has been scrapped."

Jason states, "I really wanted to go to France."

I believe Jason deserves to go to France and deepen his knowledge of that illustrious country. Besides, what's he supposed to do now with all that cash he saved? What a waste.

How can Governor Daniels stand by and not support school-sponsored overseas trips? I'll bet HE'S been to France!! That rich b*****d is trying to keep young Hoosiers down on the farm, when he's already seen Paris!

Outrageous! Keep fighting Uber Supers!

At Wednesday, February 23, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE PAIN -- The same Indy Star article states:

"School is NOT just about math, science and social studies," said Brenda Myers, of Lawrence Township, whose daughter will be a foreign-exchange student in Germany this summer."

It's about travelling to Europe -- we've had enough of that stupid math, science and social studies stuff. NO MORE MATH, we want France and Germany!

At Thursday, February 24, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's a real Hoosier attitude! "We don't need none of that Frenchy stuff. Just give us readin' and 'ritin!"
And we wonder why this state has a brain drain?

At Friday, February 25, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What I would like to see is "The Brainless Drain." Let's send Mooch Daniels and David Shame to another state where public schools aren't respected: the state of confusion! I for one believe in public schools. If you want to widen the class system even farther in America, then give vouchers to everyone. Private schools are still so expensive that only the rich will be able to go to them.

When Mooch and Shame were at the Hudson Institute they vowed they would destroy public schools. Wake up Hooisers. That's their goal!

At Monday, February 28, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

ABSOLUTELY --- I wish Daniels and all of his rich business buddies would get the hell out of the State. I HATE these rich people insisting on living in Indiana.

I wish they'd take their money and their big houses and expensive cars and investments in new businesses and their large donations to our universities and JUST GET OUT.

I think anyone with more than a $5M net worth should be required by law to leave Indiana. We don't need them, don't like them and don't want them!!

At Monday, February 28, 2005, Blogger Indiana Public School Superintendent said...

Take a deep breath now. Relax. It'll be ok.

Not all of us educators are communists and socialists you know.

At Monday, February 28, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Approximately what percent are socialists and communists?

IPS Super-- are you optimistic about change in the public school system? You sound like you've been in education a while and seem reasonable.

A lot of us in private industry (any many in major philanthropy) have thrown in the towel on public schools. We stomach the taxes, but have given up on changes that would cause us to send our kids to public school.

At Friday, March 04, 2005, Blogger Indiana Public School Superintendent said...

I actually don't know any socialists and communists in the schools. I am a dyed-in-the-wool republican and a social conservative. But I have never worked in a bad public school yet, and I ony see them getting better. And...I don't jump on the "oh heck let's give up on them and privatize them" bandwagon just because the right side of the party things that is best.

I am optimistic about public schools. But teachers and administrators get tired of 100's of bills in the legislature every year trying to change everything. Most of us have improvement initiatives underway and we need to keep the hammer down to make them work.

Most of us that have been in the business a little while know how much progress has been made in the trenches.

But many of us do get frustrated when ALL public schools get painted with the same brush. There are some troubled schools just like there are troubled businesses.

But our country leads the world in so many things - that I cannot figure out how we became the "boogeyman" in all this.

Almost all successful people no matter their age, wil tell you when public schools went was right after they left.

At Thursday, March 10, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

In central Indiana, which high school do you consider "superior"?

At Saturday, March 12, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Super --

If you are a dyed-in-the-wool Republican, why do you send $600/year to the NEA which has endorsed and actively campaigned for Clinton, Gore and Kerry?!?

Are you allowed to drop out of the "NEA Union of Democrats" or is membership mandatory in your district?

How do YOU benefit from Union membership?


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