Tuesday, February 15, 2005

How to E-mail Your Legislator in 90 Seconds

Whether you agree with the things you read here or not, probably doesn't matter in the big picture. However, as Americans, our right to vote, and our right to freely communicate with our elected officials is one of the greatest privileges of freedom.

Here is how to contact your legislator. It will only take 90 seconds if you know what you want to tell them. We promise - We timed it!

  1. Click on the link on the side of this page called "Who is My Indiana Legislator?"
  2. Choose the elected office you wish to e-mail.
  3. Type in the zip code where you live.
  4. Click "Go"
  5. Choose your district number by looking at the map.
  6. Choose your legislator by matching the number on the map to where you live.
  7. Click on "e-mail"
  8. Type your comments in the box. Be courteous and polite. Thank them for their work. It is a thankless job. Especially helpful are specific comments on a particular issue or bill.
  9. Before sending - Highlight all the text in the box.
  10. Go up to "Edit" and select "Copy"
  11. Then send the e-mail.
  12. Now go back to the beginning and choose another legislative office.
  13. Repeat the procedure except for retyping your comments. If you want to say the same thing to another legislator you can right click your mouse in the comments box and choose "Paste" and the same message will be pasted in the comments box.
  14. Remember to replace the name of the legislative official first and add anything additional you want.
  15. Click "send"
  16. If you want to read about any of the 1,870 + bills bouncing around in the legislature, click on "Bills and Resolutions" on the same page you sent your comments from.

Take a deep breath and realize that you have excercised the greatest privilege in a free society. The right to freely offer your personal opinion to your elected representatives without fear. A right we too often take for granted.

Please do it......today. How about now? Do you have 90 seconds?

Try it even if you don't hit "send." Once you see you easy it is we guarantee it will prompt you to send one the next time you have an opinion about a bill or piece of legislation. Good luck! Start clicking!


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