Friday, February 11, 2005

Liar Liar Pants on Fire

I find the recent brouhaha over comments in Friday's Indy Star (click on highlighted words for the link to the Star article) by Dr. Eugene White to be quite comical. The righteous indignation coming from the Governor's office is just a hoot. Dr. White had the audacity to point out what every single school administrator in Indiana knows but the governor and his education folks evidently did not.

They didn't knowthat Indiana has made tremendous progress in recent years and absolutely does NOT "lag" behind the nation in education as the governor reports in his address. (see post titled, "Top 10 things you won't read in the Governor's newsletter.")

Dr. White is quoted as saying that the governor was a "liar." The governor's office might as well as responded with something that sounds suspisciously like, "He wasn't lying, he just didn't tell the truth."

The story on the streets is that when confronted with their deceptive comments about Indiana's educational status, the governor's assistants have said, "Well if you aren't number one then you are lagging behind." David Shane leaves no mystery as to who said that. He verifies it in today's Star article.

I shudder to think of Shane being responsible for the Governor's educational policy. His comments are totally nonsensical in educational policy. This isn't a "race." I thought the nation was trying to "Leave No Child Behind". I guess the governor wants to leave ALL the nation's children behind. Then we can be number one.

Hmm. I think the governor needs some new speech writers and new assistants. (Unfortunately the word on the street is that he wrote his own speech so he would have to fire himself.)

The governor needs to wake up and realize that the campaign is over!! He does not need to fire up his political base. Now he actually has to go to work. The RV and pork tenderloin thing is done. Picnic is over Mitch. Work with all legislators. Even our own republicans that you have already trodden over.

Don't forget Mitch, many of those republicans are the same ones that you need to pass some of these intitiatives. Don't forget that they too were responsible for the tremendous bipartisan efforts that resulted in the very improvements you and your assistants are denying exist.

Liar Liar Pants on Fire. Now let's see you tightrope walk the telephone wire.


At Wednesday, February 16, 2005, Blogger EdWonk said...

We've linked this post over at The Carnival Of Education: Week 2 It may be seen here:

At Tuesday, February 22, 2005, Anonymous Tammy said...

When Dr. White states -- "in some categories, such as certain national tests, Indiana ranks as high as fifth among the states."

What tests would he be citing? I've been unable to find them on any of the Indiana media sites.

If Indiana is doing well in education, it would be helpful to present the successes clearly. Can anyone assist with this question?


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