Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Top 10 Things You Won't Read In the Governor's Newsletter

Here are the top ten things you won't read about in the governor's newsletter. The governor noted in his state of the state address that Indiana "lags" behind the nation when it comes to education.

Well, read these 10 facts and see how far we "lag."

Indiana was 2nd internationally in 4th grade science
Indiana was 9th internationally in grade 8 science
Indiana was 9th internationally in grade 4 math
Indiana was 10th internationally in grade 8 math
Exceeded the national average of students from the US on every measure
Increased combined SAT score 35 points since 1990 exceeding other state averages by 15%
Raised attendance rates to highest in state history
Raised percentage of Academic Honors Diplomas for 13 of 14 years
One of only 8 states to get A- in Standards and Accountability in Education Week 2005
Made progress on narrowing the achievement gap on 13 of 18 measures

I think I know what happened. The Guv really meant to say "brag" but it came out "lag."

Yeah that's it.

He really meant to "brag" and express his gratitude to the bipartisan effort all legislators and educators have put out to accomplish so much in recent years.

Yep...he was so excited that educators and legislators from both the republican and the democrat side have worked so hard to raise the bar for our children and their futures - that the Guv just got tongue-tied and said "lag" when he really meant to "brag" about Indiana.


At Tuesday, February 22, 2005, Anonymous Tammy said...

Where are these statistics published? Are they for 2004?

At Thursday, February 24, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...


This link has some of them.

It is an Indiana Roundtable Website. Look towards the bottom for some of them.

We got them from a white paper written by Dr. Lowell Rose.

TIMSS and NAEP sites can be found on the web. These were the assessments from which they came we believe.

At Monday, February 28, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The August 2004 update on the SAT's was encouraging. Indiana students closed 1/3 of the gap separating them from the U.S. average score.

That hardly qualifies as "lagging the country" as the Daniels administration would have us believe.

If we can maintain that steady pace, Indiana students should reach the average by 2020.


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