Saturday, March 05, 2005

Breaking News: Siamese Twins Found in Daniel's Cabinet

In what is shaping up to be one of the most unusual stories ever heard in state politics, Siamese twins have allegedly been found in Indiana Governor, Mitch Daniel's administrative cabinet.

Over the weekend, The Super Bloggers have received a top secret tip that Governor Daniel's administration may issue a press release naming someone called Shane David, as Indiana's top advisor to the state's dairy industry. This person may even receive an elite ad hoc seat on the Economic Development Council by executive appointment.

Our Super Bloggers have discovered that Shane David may be the Siamese twin, separated at birth, from David Shane, Governor Daniel's top education advisor.

According to our secret sources, Shane David may be announced as the top dairy industry advisor for Indiana. He is reported to be an elementary school principal with no experience whatsoever, in the dairy industry. When questioned about his lack of experience in the dairy industry, Shane David explained why he is qualified to be Indiana's top advisor to the dairy industry. He explained, "Well, I haven't actually worked as a dairy farmer, or worked in the dairy industry before, but between the ages of 5 and 18 I drank a lot of milk. In college, I mostly drank beer, but I know a lot about what milk should taste like."

To which he added with an apparent dash of sibling rivalry, "Besides, my brother, David Shane was never a school teacher or an administrator in the public schools but he has been named top education advisor to the governor of Indiana so he must know a lot about what schools should be like. I presume he went to school between the ages of 5 and 18. I am not sure, because we were separated at birth."

Later, in an exclusive interview with The Super's Blog, we asked both Shane David and David Shane about their experiences as Siamese twins. They answered in unison, "We were genetically engineered by our parents to be Siamese twins on purpose so that at birth, neither of us would be born "lagging behind in Indiana."

To which David Shane then interjected quickly, "I still came out first,!"

Stay tuned....later on this week, in Part II of this exclusive, we may unveil the secret reason why the Siamese twins have mirror-image names.

DISCLAIMER: Some of this satire piece may actually be true, but we'll let you sort it out. :-)


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