Monday, March 14, 2005

The Burden on Schools

Do you want to know why schools are besieged? Watch this short animation from Jamie Vollmer. Go to the Jamie Vollmer website, at the top of the page click on the tab marked "The Burden" and scroll to the bottom and click to load the animation. Depending on your connection speed it should only take a minute to load.

Jamie Vollmer Website


At Monday, March 14, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I appreciated the majority of this article but take exception with one major point. Here is my letter to Mr. Vollmer.

Dear Mr. Vollmer -

I was given a link to your site by our local Superintendent. I appreciated reading your column on the ever growing burdens of our public school system. I too am an advocate of the public school system. I think public schools are the building blocks of a free, productive and compassionate society. And that is why I take exception to one of your "burdens".

It is true that our government mandated a free and appropriate education to all students. That includes people with disabilities, people of color etc. You added that special education was a "burden" yet did not include people of color as a burden to our educational system. Why is that? Perhaps it's because this would be considered racist. Yet, you chose to include children with special needs in this category.

I ask you Mr. Vollmer, please reconsider this oversight. Providing a free and appropriate education to all kids is simply the right thing to do. My child with a disability is no more of a burden than my child who is gifted. They both need individualized education to meet their needs. Up until we included all kids, we as a society were commiting a horrible act of prejudice. One that continues today, obviously by the inclusion of this group as a burden to our schools.

My daughter has contributed in measurable and imeasurable ways to her typical classroom. Her "inclusion" has been a great gift to our students, teachers, school and community. The only burden she brings with her is the prejudice she must fight on a daily basis. Please Mr. Vollmer, don't be a contributor to that prejudice.


parent of a child

At Monday, March 14, 2005, Blogger Joe Thomas said...

Great find, Sup!

You must have eyes in the back of your mouse... or something.

Regardless, I passed your find on to my readers.

I will have to suggest him to my school district and state teacher's association.


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