Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Governor Announces New Inspector General


The Governor of Indiana is pleased to announce a new position for His cabinet. Formerly titled, The Superintendent of Public Instruction, the new position will be titled, Inspector General of Pencils.

Dr. Sue Ellen Reed, top Republican vote-getter in the state by an overwhelming 8,000 votes, has been relegated to this new role because the Governor must get about "the people's business."

Dr. Reed's new role will be to count pencils and grant authority for educators to order a new pencil when the old one has been verified to be appropriately expended. All educators must Fed Ex by overnight service, each pencil to the Inspector General of Pencils who will verify by micrometer that the pencil has been sufficiently utilized. The state of Indiana will Fed Ex by overnight a new pencil only if appropriate. The Inspector General of Pencils will have prosecutorial powers. This will help improve the efficiency of the "bloated, monolithic monopoly" that our democracy has become and replace it with the more efficient dictatorial model.

The Governor says that a nay vote on this position is a "vote in favor of corruption."

"The position title was a nice fit," said an anonymous source close to the Governor, "Educrats have been blind to these things so long that having the state's top educator holding a cup of stubby pencils seemed appropriate to us."

Take another deep breath...It's ok....We're just kidding.


At Tuesday, March 01, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is too bad that SuEllen can't put on her cheerleader outfit and give our Indiana schools the big "RAH! RAH!". It appears that "The Blade" is willing to do enough carving on her to keep the good things that Indiana schools are doing under the radar from anyone who actually wants to hear good things. It is amazing that with the wave of his knife (i.e. Dr. White) our "tenderloin eating, RV traveling" governor can make anything that is negative towards him into a positive. The great people of Indiana need a wake-up call before it is too late. If not, then I think we will soon see more bureacratic appointment in our government for the "Office of Waste Basket Replacement Procurement", Department of Nothingness, and the Department of RV and Tenderloin Tourism.

--The Wildcatter

At Tuesday, March 01, 2005, Blogger Joe Thomas said...

I just found the site. Great stuff!

Joe T

At Wednesday, March 02, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Indiana's schools are making great progress. With all the gains being made, even Daniels won't be able to turn all of the positives into negatives.

Don't let his attacks worry you. Hoosiers aren't going to be fooled when they see the progress made in the many excellent schools where their own children attend.

He can't fool all of the people all of the time. There's too much good news for him to bury it all.

At Friday, March 04, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...


Thanks for the compliment.

The Super's Blog


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