Thursday, March 03, 2005

Governor Issues Executive Order Requiring Dems to Stay In From Recess

In a bold and some say overreaching move, the Governor of Indiana recently issued another executive order requiring all Democrats and unruly Republicans to stay in from recess and put their heads down on their desks. Sources close to the Governor say it is the first time he could ever relate to being a school teacher.

As observers of the state's political landscape know, Democrats walked out of the legislative session leaving 132 bills dead on the floor. Some observers are hopeful that this will continue into the future. Some say the Republicans popularized this trend last year.

For those that have never seen the legislature in action, it looks suspiciously like 4 straight weeks of indoor recess in an elementary school. There are 5 legislators in the corner talking loudly and gesturing frantically. Several are at their desks working on papers and scribbling. Some are working on their laptops watching video clips of their grandchildren. Others are walking in and out at various times for no apparent reason. There is someone pretending to be the teacher, pounding on a gavel and declaring loud proclamations and resolutions. No one is listening and no one is sure what they are actually voting on. Meanwhile there is someone in a suit, it might be the principal, walking around with a box of Thin Mints trying to bribe kids to just sit down and behave. They eat the mints and ignore the principal.

Now lest you think we are poking fun at all this, please know that we recognize the value to all this chaos. Because it is so chaotic very little gets done, so it is pretty hard to screw up the American democracy.

Our founding fathers were wise beyond most of us.


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