Wednesday, March 02, 2005

We Need To Count On Our Legislators!

Contributing Educator (name withheld):

We Need to Count on Our Legislators!

Our new governor is obviously, sadly, misinformed. However, we have to be able to count on our experienced legislators to continue to support our public schools. They understand what is and is not possible regarding school budgets. They understand and care about the importance of honoring the current school funding formula for the current 2005 budget and by looking ahead to 2006 and 2007. They understand and care about the great strides being made in student achievement. They take pride in the hard work by staff and students of Indiana’s public schools to meet the higher standards. We have to count on our legislators to demonstrate the honor and courage to restore the cuts from the 2005 budgets and clearly send the message that the Governor cannot usurp the powers of a self-appointed dictator.

Our legislators need to act now, not just talk about it!

This is a democracy and our elected legislature votes on recommendations. Our legislators listen to their constituents and Governor Daniels needs to do the same. He cannot operate in a vacuum. He needs to surround himself with intelligent, capable people to speak the truth and explain the ramifications of various ideas. He needs to sit down and read Dr. Lowell Rose’s report! Governor Daniels needs to realize that bashing public schools and attempting to mislead and misinform the public will quickly paint him into a corner.

Who can we count on to do what is right for our children? Who can we trust to tell the truth? We need to count on our legislators!


At Wednesday, March 02, 2005, Blogger Sycamore 02 said...

The real disappointment lies in the fact that constituents are not able to get their representatives in the House. Yesterday’s proceedings really bothered me. I don’t even know why my party is so against Daylight Savings Time! Furthermore, I can’t learn if the members of my party won’t debate in the House.

Democrats have to show up. I understand the meaning of walking out of the House. It’s noble to stand up to the idea that the Governor is under the impression that he has open-door access to both the upper and lower houses of Indiana Congress and is able to push through whatever legislation he desires. But, we simply must show up, debate, negotiate and pass legislation.

Never forget, your representatives WILL listen to you. Want your representative to listen to you? Call them. I’ll guarantee they’ll field the call. This isn’t Washington. This is Indiana. It’s very likely you might even know your legislator or their parents, etc. (This may not apply to Gary, Indy, South Bend, E-ville, etc. I know it applies to Sullivan, though!)

I understand that this may seem like an odd comment to this post, but, the post dealt with members of the House standing up for their constituents. No legislator can do that if they fail to show up.

For the record, I’m a strong Democrat. Fortunately for me, I’m a member of a party wherein we are allowed, if not encouraged, to debate even internally. I’d hate to be a member of a party whose members are expected to fall in behind a leader; especially a leader who lost $1.5 trillion in surplus when he took over as White House Budget Director in 2001. Where is our national deficit at today?

At Wednesday, March 02, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Our national deficit is sky high, we're in an unjust war, and we've lost the support of our historic allies.

I predict Republicans will be crushed in the 2006 Congressional elections (certainly they'll lose the Senate) and Hoosiers will return a Democrat to the Governorship in 2008.

It will be a long four years, but it is unlikely Daniels will get much done that can't be undone.


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