Friday, April 29, 2005

The Shell Game

The state legislatures get to have their cake and eat it too. I don't know about the rest of our readers and how their state school funding formula works, but here is the sorry story in Indiana.

Indiana has a number of republican legislators who ran on the pledge of "no new taxes." Honorable as far as that goes.

However, the legislators have rejected additional taxes on cigarettes and gambling to help pay for schools and will no doubt brag about sticking to their pledge not to raise taxes.

Here is the deal. In order to get out of their self-created financial mess they ALWAYS revert back to the local property tax payer to get the job done. The new budget is loaded with new property tax increases and also contains a cap on property tax replacement credit which will further increase local property taxes.

Meanwhile, in the school district where I work, we will get LESS money than we received this year and our local patrons will pay more for it.

I am waiting for the first republican legislator to complain about increased property taxes. They should immediately be branded as a hypocrite along with any republican legislator who says he/she stuck to their vow not to raise taxes. It's a shell game.

Read about it here.


At Saturday, April 30, 2005, Anonymous DeadPoet said...

Let's see. It is critically important to be able to say that no new taxes were raised to fund public schools, but over two thirds of Indiana's legislators couldn't wait to fall all over themselves to raise hotel taxes, car rental taxes, restaurant taxes, admissions taxes and ticket taxes in order to have a new football stadium. When the governor asked for "instruction" to be given a higher priority than "construction", he obviously wasn't referring to the Colts' stadium project.

In addition to the taxes raised to subsidize the millionaires, other taxes were raised that have nothing to do with the Colts.

But the "no new tax" crowd can sleep well tonight knowing that at least they didn't raise taxes for anything important.

At Sunday, May 01, 2005, Blogger Indiana Public School Superintendent said...

dead poet

Well put.

At Sunday, May 01, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have an idea. Let's give the people bread and circuses. That will take their mind off of the property tax increases. I mean, as long as Peyton Manning throws at least 40 touchdown passes, that should cover a couple hundred million in property taxes, right?

Just imagine what they might do if the Colts ever win the Super Bowl.

Maybe that's another good reason to root for the Patriots.

But hey, all is not lost. At least all of those MBA types who couldn't figure out what time it was should be happy now that we have passed the "DST For Dummies" law.

At Monday, May 02, 2005, Blogger Joe Thomas said...

Great post, Sup. Here is an OpEd from the editor of a small, local newspaper in Arizona addressing what happens here.

A Taxing Problem

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