Thursday, May 12, 2005

Indiana all over again

Just so Indiana schools don't feel left out, here is an article on the Missouri state legislature and their attempts to change the school funding formula.

Here is an excerpt that tells what the bill WON'T do:

THE BILL WOULD NOT: Erase inequities in what schools spend. Currently, per-pupil spending ranges from $4,771 to $13,379, depending on the school district. The plan would raise the minimum to $6,117, but it would not prevent wealthier districts from continuing to spend more than twice that amount.

In Indiana, the state formula dictates the differences, not property tax values.

I just found it interesting to see that the issues state-by-state are all the same although they manifest themselves a little differently.

Not to discourage those Missouri folks who sued over inequities in funding, but the national case law on school funding lawsuits indicates that within five years the inequities will be back.

That's because politics (competition for scare resources) dictates the formula, not wisdom.


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