Friday, May 27, 2005

Indiana announces school construction guidelines


Governor Daniels has recently issued executive order 05-19 which requires the Indiana Department of Local Government Finance to apply new guidelines to school construction in Indiana.

This executive order was based in part, on the following:


Indiana's $126.40 per square foot cost for new construction projects was 3.4% higher than the national average of $122.25 per square foot.

Indiana's average size of 107,431 square feet per new building was 43.1% larger than the national average size of 75,055 square feet per new building.

Based in part, on these facts the following guidelines were issued:


Indiana new school construction may not be approved unless it is less than 10% higher than the national average of $122.25 per square foot.

Indiana new school construction may not be approved unless consolidation and efficiency are considered. No small schools, only large efficient schools.

Based on this logic from the governor's advisers, here is the following satirical press release:

From the Alice and Wonderland World of Politics ...

Early this week, the governor's chief educational advisor David Shane, defended the governor's recent executive order that capped school construction costs.

"We can't believe that Indiana's school construction costs are about 3% over the national average," complained David Shane. "We must do something to stop this," he continued, "therefore we are directing the Department of No Local Government Financing to only permit school construction projects that are up to 10% over the national average. "

"We believe that this will be much more efficient, " he explained.

"And another thing," he continued, "we can't believe that Indiana's average new schools are approximately 100,000 square feet when the national average is 75,ooo. We must do something to stop this. Therefore, we will no longer consider any small schools that will not be efficient. From now on the Department of No Local Government Financing will only approve even larger buildings."

When asked if it was ironic to have a state agency called the Department of Local Government Financing directing how all local patrons spend their money, the governor's advisors said they had a new executive disorder coming out on this specific issue.


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