Friday, August 05, 2005

Indiana to outlaw all calendars?

In another stunning discovery, The Super's Blog has learned that a growing number of restless Indiana voters are initiating a voters referendum requiring Indiana's Governor Daniels to enforce a "No Calendar In Any Household" rule. This means that no calendars would be permitted in any household.

This "No Calendar" rule comes on the heels of the Bureau of Motor Vehicles recent announcement that "No Clocks" will be permitted in BMV offices, presumably to keep slacker employees from watching the clock or to keep patrons from keeping track of how long they wait. This is a new "efficiency" move from Joel Silverman, the BMV chief. I guess Joel's plan is that it will still take just as long to get your license renewed, you just won't know it! I suppose now they will have to hire 2,000 new police to confiscate your watches as part of this new efficiency plan.

Why are voters clamoring for a "No Calendar Rule" for all households in Indiana?

This will keep voters from fixating on how slow the time is passing while they wait for the next gubernatorial election.