Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Principal questions Daniel's data

Letter to the editor from the Evansville paper.


At Thursday, August 11, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, IPSS, the Evansville-Vanderburgh School Corporation has had plenty of money to put an architecturally hideous, completely non-functional "formal entrance" on Harrison High in recent years; it put a massive addition onto a high school with declining enrollment; it is building a $50,000,000 vo-tech palace on the north side; it is an open secret among the EVSC teachers that the administration low-balled the cost and did not factor in operating costs & maintenance (that shoe will be dropped on the taxpayers next year); it has had plenty of money to dump into athletic facilities, even as coaches' stipends were being cut. And on and on.

You wonder why people are skeptical?

This is also the district, by the way, in which the superintendent thought he could rig a special election to get a tax increase, by counting on extremely low turnout. Instead, he got his head handed to him on a platter by a group of anti-tax fanatics. The same loser is still here, unfortunately.

At Thursday, August 11, 2005, Blogger Indiana Public School Superintendent said...

I can't respond to some of your comments because I am unfamiliar with the situation there.

However, I can respond to the comment that "they had plenty of money to dump on athletic facilities even as coaching stipends were being cut."

In Indiana the coaching stipends come from the General Fund which is the main fund for salaries and benefits. It is almost always "strapped" and it is controlled by the state legislature not the local school board. The Capital Projects Fund takes care of the facilities and the local board has more control of that fund. It is quite possible and more common than you think, that they could cut stipends paid from the General Fund but make repairs or do construction from Debt Service or Capital Projects Funds.

A quirk in school finance...


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