Friday, October 07, 2005

Educational Researcher discovers hidden correlation

Press Release:

Researchers at the Department Of Official Weights And Probabilities (DooWap) have discovered a hitherto unknown correlation that is reported to finally shed some light on 30 years of school reform movements characterized by standardized testing initiatives.

The head researcher, Dr. I.M. Whackey stated, "We are so excited that the National Roundtable of Corporate CEO's funded us with this research grant. Through these corporate grants, we have been able to search far and wide and leave no stone unturned until we finally found what we were looking for. We have finally discovered the 'holy grail.' We have finally found a correlation between how well 13 year-olds bubble in answer sheets on a warm Friday afternoon in May...and how well the economy is performing. The CEO's are eagerly awaiting the presentation of our findings! They always knew there was a relationship!"

However, Dr. Whackey added, "The good news for the CEO's is that there is a relationship between standardized test scores and the world's greatest economies. The bad news for the CEO's who have been promoting standardized testing programs is that it is an inverse relationship."

He sighed, "The good news is that a few more years of improvement in our test scores and we will finally beat Japan in international comparisons, the bad news is that by then, our economy may look like theirs too."


At Wednesday, October 19, 2005, Anonymous historian said...

Actually, the Japanese economy has fared well with recent reforms. :) Doowap, good one...


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