Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Quiz (Indiana Version) : How to tell if you are a recovering republican

Take the Indiana Quiz:

1. Did you vote for Governor Daniels? 1 point

2. Are you finding that on some issues he is in a different time zone than you? 1 point

3. Have you begun to have second thoughts about daylight savings time (DST) now that you know 19 counties have asked to be in a different time zone? 1 point

4. Did you attend a local hearing on closing your license branch (BMV)? Enough said. 2 points

5. Have you paid a visit to the new and improved and more efficient Bureau of Motor Vehicles, probably located in a different time zone now that YOUR branch was closed? 3 points

Note: True story. Recently we received three vehicle registration renewal forms in the mail at our house, along with a note that said they couldn't get our credit card to process. (It still works for everyone else.) One of the registrations we received in the mail was from a different Hoosier motorist, complete with HIS credit card information. (Doesn't that make you feel safe!) Three weeks later, after numerous phone calls to sort it out, we are still driving around on expired plates. The BMV clerk said, "We are so swamped and behind we are doing the best we can. Hopefully you'll get it, maybe next week."

As the Indy Star says in it's editorial, "You're doing a good job, Silvie."

(For non-politicos this is what President Bush said about Mike Brown, head of FEMA, two days before he fired him.) "You're doing a good job Brownie."

5. How do you like toll roads? That's what I thought. 2 points


8-10 points: You might be a recovering republican
5-7 points: You might just be a recovering voter.
0-5 points: You might just be recovering.

You're right. It's a rotten quiz. As long as you are from Indiana you could get 8 points and probably be a member of the Green Party. LOL

Next: the 12 step plan for recovering republicans


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