Monday, October 10, 2005

"You did a jood job, now stop that!

What does it mean to comply with NCLB? Did you think it meant making sure that your students were making adequate yearly progress (AYP)? Evidently that is just part of it.

Here is good one for you.

Our district received a two-page letter this week from the Indiana Department of Education's Division of Compensatory Education (Title I). The letter lays out a "five-tiered monitoring system" that is intended to "ensure proper administration of federal funds."

Under #4 "On-site monitoring," the letter indicates which school districts are likely to get on-site visits, presumably to see if we are "properly administrating federal funds."

The letter implies that your district is likely to be visited if it is one of those "districts with compliance risk factors such as fiscal management issues (i.e. repeated excess carryover)."

Here is a perfect example of how the "Alice-in-Wonderland World" of federal grant funding works.

If you spend too little of your federal grant funds then you are a district with a "compliance risk factor" because you carried over too much money to the next year.

In other words, you did an efficient job, now stop that!


At Monday, October 10, 2005, Blogger Mike in Texas said...

I'm not surprised. My district cuts off our teaching funds for the year at the end of March, leading to a spending frenzy every year at that time. We are not rewarded for being frugal by being allowed to carry the money over for the next year.


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