Friday, November 18, 2005

"Return to Cinders....."

News Flash.....

Elvis was spotted at a recent Indiana Property Tax Control Board Meeting when the following comments were made by Member Maury Mills.

Superintendent Paul Garrison made a presentation stressing how the community and past boards had stressed only academic facility needs for 50 years, and now needed to address some special use space. Their building is a 1954 structure, with a combination gym/auditorium shared by all six grades. The superintendent noted that the gym could not accommodate all PE needs. Part of the project was for an auxiliary gym and a new track. After a facility study estimated a cost of $17 million, the board and administration cut the project to an estimated $8.3 million.

Member Mills asked for a breakdown of cost by each project item. He questioned the cost of the latex running track, and asked "are we all out of cinders?"

Nice Maury. I can only assume your grandkids don't run track or take PE there.

Ok... everyone do your best Elvis for me now....ah 1, and ah 2, and ah 3 and go.."Return to Cinders...."


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