Friday, May 20, 2005

Local control is an oxymoron.

Apples to Footballs.

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

The governor finally agrees that average isn't all bad.

Indiana announced today that they will be capping any school construction projects not to exceed the national average plus 10%.

Here is another one of those convoluted sound bites for you.

"If we were as careful about construction spending as the average state, we would free up millions of dollars for other projects," said the governor. "Today, we are initiating the start of school construction savings for taxpayers across Indiana." (from state e-mail today)

Let me get it straight now, we are going "save money for taxpayers" by "freeing up millions of dollars" to spend for other projects.


Oh well, at least we won't have one of those awful Taj Mahal buildings like the new Colts stadium that we just raised taxes for.

I assume that thorough research will reveal that the new Colts stadium will not exceed the national average by more than 10%. To paraphrase the governor, "There's no excuse for spending vastly more money than is necessary for a quality football team."

Peyton was not available for comment and the Irsay's were in Bermuda.

The Carnival of Education: Week 15

The Super's Blog has fallen a little behind in the blogging of late, but never fear, The Greater Edusphere is here.

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Sunday, May 15, 2005

As we said...

As we said yesterday...

The state gets to control the educational agenda, then shift the cost to the local property tax owner. Another on-line article from the Gazette Sunday.

It's a long term brilliant move for those with the long range vision of destroying public education. This increase in the unpopular property tax will create a growing frustration at the local level, further shifting blame to the local school boards. Boards that have been stripped of almost all important educational policy decisions.