Monday, June 06, 2005

It's happening in your state too!

Indiana has just passed along to the local property owner, one of the largest property tax increases in history. Meanwhile legislators are telling their constituents they kept their "no-tax pledge."

However, Indiana isn't alone. It appears that there are property tax revolts underway in many states due to this same phenomenon. It seems that states everywhere are not keeping up with state financial contributions to education.

"Almost every state is looking at some form of property-tax cap," says Myron Orfield, an expert on property taxes and a law professor at the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis. "It's a 'perfect storm' for property taxes: There are rapidly increasing home values while states are not keeping up with their contributions to school districts."

Dr. Eugene White named IPS superintendent

Indianapolis Public Schools has named their new CEO.

Dr. Eugene White from Washington Township was named the new super.

Eugene will do a great job - but he has his work cut out for him.

No doubt in my mind that he will rise to the challenge.

I recently heard an interesting fact that I haven't verified for accuracy - but it was something like this.

"Fifty-one percent of America's students are found in 70 school districts in America."

What does this mean? It means that the challenges of urban school centers end up defining American public education in the eyes of the public and media.

Good luck Eugene - every school in Indiana needs IPS to succeed if Indiana's public schools are to be portrayed positively by the media.

How's that for pressure!