Monday, September 12, 2005

Ed Wonk says..been there done that!

EdWonk says that Hawaii is a step ahead of us! Darn. Indiana can't be first at anything!

Our satire piece hinting that Indiana was going to require teachers to "weigh in" on their personnel evaluations was evidently not so far off after all. EdWonk reports that Hawaii is already considering it.

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Indiana announces new teacher evaluation component

Satire Press Release:

Indiana has announced plans to introduce legislation requiring all teachers to report their body mass index (BMI) on their personnel evaluation forms.

As many educators may be aware, many states have begun to require individual teachers to report their students body mass index (BMI) on their grade cards along with other more traditional criteria such as grades and attendance.

A key legislator who proposed the unsuccesful bill spoke off the record, "It is about time we held Indiana teachers to the same standards as students. far as that goes we think that each superintendent should weigh in at each monthly board meeting and make the results part of the public record. In addition to reporting the individual teachers' weight and BMI on their individual personnel evaluation, we intend to require each school to calculate the average teacher BMI and average weight and report it on their school improvement plan. Any school not meeting AYP (adequate yearly progress) on their weight loss goals will be hit with sanctions up to and including, elimination of their snack boxes and pop machines located in the teacher work rooms and lounges."