Thursday, September 22, 2005

Bush fills the last Voucher Cabinet slots

President Bush announced this morning that he has named the final four cabinet slots left on the National School Voucher Cabinet.

In the days leading up to this announcement Bush had previously announced that Katrina and Rita would be joining Chairman Kofi Annan on the School Voucher Cabinet. Annan, formerly the head of the UN, was perhaps best known for his "oil for food" program.

Annan stated, "Katrina and Rita are excellent choices. They will perhaps do more for our federal school voucher efforts than any other efforts we have tried. Providing private school vouchers instead of basic food and housing are excellent ideas. It is very similar to my successful 'oil for food' program."

President Bush indicated that the final four slots will be filled by Stan, Tammy, Vince and Wilma. Bush indicated that they were lucky to find these four since they were the only four names left.

He quipped, "After these four names - I guess you could's all Greek to me!"

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Bush Completes U.S. National School Voucher Institute Cabinet

On Saturday April 2, 2005, The Super's Blog revealed on this site, the hither to unknown information that President Bush was naming Kofi Annan to head up the federal voucher effort. Annan, previously known for his successful "oil for food" program at the United Nations, was touted as a logical choice for the "snake oil for vouchers" effort.

The Super has intercepted this recent draft press release that is making the rounds in the Bush administration.

Press Release:

President Bush is pleased to announce the naming of another individual to the National School Voucher Institute Cabinet. Joining Kofi Annan immediately will be Katrina. President Bush stated, "We are very happy to name Katrina to the Voucher Institute. We believe she will be very helpful in advancing our voucher efforts. If things work out, we also hope to add Rita to the cabinet as well. These two will do more for our voucher efforts than all the other efforts we have tried."

Kofi Annan stated, "Vouchers instead of food or housing is an excellent plan. I have extensive experience in similar programs. My "oil for food" program was equally excellent at providing for basic needs."

A spokesperson for the Bush administration stated that the remainder of the cabinet will be announced later this week.

School vouchers for hurricane relief?

President Bush has found a new supporter of private school vouchers.

Her name?..........Katrina.

Critics of vouchers are blasting the president because it smacks of opportunism to them and the proponents say nonsense...if it's a good idea..then it's even a better idea when there is a such a need.

Monday, September 19, 2005

ISTEP Spring or Fall?

The Super's Blog stakes out its official position on the controversy surrounding Indiana's standardized testing routine:

Our position is:

"Who cares!"

Actually our position is slightly different. We believe it doesn't make much difference one way or the other. Therefore, the time and expense and change are not worth it. There is little to be gained.

It's kind of like, should it be Coke or Pepsi? Some would argue that neither one is all that great for you.

Now the governor on the other hand, believes that spring testing is the "most natural time to do it."

Maybe some pollster has decided this is a hot button issue or something. I don't see it.

It just disrupts the continuity of most schools' current programs, changes their current assessment cycles and starts new baselines all over again.

Unless that IS the point.