Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Schools are the whipping boy again..this time it's local property taxes.

From the Fort Wayne Gazette comes this nugget regarding comments made by Governor Daniels:

Daniels, giving the keynote address to the Indiana Association of Cities and Towns annual convention, told the more than 1,000 attendees at Grand Wayne Center that Hoosiers can no longer afford to think only of themselves. The state budget cuts should be an example, not blasted, he said.

“The totally provincial thinking in Indiana where what’s good for someone else is bad for me has got to go,” Daniels said. “I’m losing patience with people … who jack up taxes 10 or 15 percent at the same time they’re whining about a lack of state money.”

(Helllloooooooo......this is what the legislature planned. I guess you are tired of the republican majority house and senate then, your own party. They are the "people who jacked up" local property taxes.)

Daniels said that if every governmental body limited its spending the way the state did this year, “we would not have a property tax problem, we would have property tax relief.”
He then reassured the group of municipal officials that “I’m not talking about you,” saying the biggest driver of property tax increases is schools.

This is so misleading I have a notion to call the Governor a liar again, but I won't because superintendents know what happens when you call the guv a liar, you have to tell the man you're sorry.

Which schools was it governor? Many schools received no new money but taxes will go up anyway because the STATE legislature (not locally elected school board officials) pushed the responsibility to the local property tax owner and then said, "We didn't raise taxes, it was those schools that did it."

Democrats (which in the past did not include me by the way) are going to remember this one.