Monday, January 30, 2006

Public schools do better...again.

NY Times reports on another large scale study of public and private schools.

The study, by Christopher Lubienski and Sarah Theule Lubienski, of the University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana, compared fourth- and eighth-grade math scores of more than 340,000 students in 13,000 regular public, charter and private schools on the 2003 National Assessment of Educational Progress. The 2003 test was given to 10 times more students than any previous test, giving researchers a trove of new data.

"Over all," it said, "demographic differences between students in public and private schools more than account for the relatively high raw scores of private schools. Indeed, after controlling for these differences, the presumably advantageous private school effect disappears, and even reverses in most cases."


At Wednesday, February 01, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

If you want a valid comparison I suggest you compare only the academic magnet schools against the college prep private schools. I would imagine they would come close to having the same results for all students regardless of background.

However, I think most people realize the average private school is equal to or worse than (academically) the average public school -- curriculum wise that is. So...why do parents keep sending their kids to private schools? Well, smaller class sizes in many (not all) cases, fewer discipline issues and teachers who have more time for one-on-one involvement with the teachers.

Until public schools get discipline in order, bust (or reform) the union to get out the bad/ineffective teachers, go deeper into subject matter rather than teach to the test, those parents that are fortunate enough to get a seat in the private schools will continue to do so.

Just my two cents worth --


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