Friday, January 06, 2006

Republican Photo Op: Driving more money into the classroom

News Release:

At 1:57 PM Eastern Time (or was it 1:57 Central maybe it was... Eastern DST or...) representatives of the National Republican Party staged a "photo op" to demonstrate their national commitment to "Driving More Money into the Classroom." The 1997 late model car was stuffed with coins in various amounts of small change and carefully choreographed to careen through the window of Mrs. Ruth Jones busy 3rd grade classroom. A Republican spokesperson who wished to remain anonymous stated, "It demonstrates our commitment in a very clear way." "Mrs Jones said, "All 37 kids were absolutely terrified. It would have helped if they had told us ahead of time they were planning this. But at least all the kids managed to scramble away as the glass shards were raining down around us."

Mrs. Margaret Spellings said, "At least No Child was Left Behind."


At Friday, January 06, 2006, Blogger annie said...

goodness supe-- i sure hope this didn't interfere with the testing schedule...

"boys and girls, please bring your little chairs and desks out from under the tires and resume bubbling for dollars..."


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