Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Liberty VS Equity

The tug of war between liberty and equity is a never ending battle. However, if it ever does end, our country is doomed. When the teeter totter tips to the liberty side, equity decreases. When the teeter totter tips to equity, personal and social liberties decrease. And so the epic struggle between political views goes on.

This liberty VS equity debate is evident in some recently proposed legislation here in Indiana that would allow schools more freedom to operate. The bill supposedly targeted over 900 rules and regulations that schools could be freed from. It does protect some core laws, such as collective bargaining, compulsory school attendance, discipline, parental access to records, immunizations, accountability, assessment and reciting the Pledge of Allegiance.

But the scope of what could be out the window was astounding to some on the committee and several who testified.

It seems to me that schools often cry out for more freedom, then when offered it they get nervous.

Yesiree, we want liberty and freedom from onerous regulations, whoooops ..... not THAT much. Hmmmm. Why not? It depends on how much inequity society can tolerate. I admit it. I have lived with so much regulation that I sometimes have trouble even recognizing it anymore. That's why we should be embracing it at some level.

Personally, I think we need to pursue deregulation or eventually the only deregulated schools will be private schools. Until they start taking federal and state money of course!! They should think long and hard about that. The trade off might not be worth it!


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