Friday, February 03, 2006


The Super's Blog has received a leaked copy of a press release that spokespeople close to the governor say is to be announced publicly in the next few hours.


Governor Mitch Daniels will be announcing his intentions to lease Indiana's statewide assessment plan called ISTEP, for a 75 year period to foreign countries. Daniels said, "Singapore and India have submitted the high bids. This will bring in 45 million dollars to Indiana immediately and will help us pay the cost to move the test."

Leading Democrats said, "It's highway robbery."

Dr. Sueellen Reed said, "These decisions are taking a toll on public education."

The Republican plan to move ISTEP testing from fall to spring has cleared the Indiana House on a party line vote. An amendment was added to put a little American flag on each test booklet.

Daniels admitted, "It's similar to the amendment to put an American flag on the Indiana highway toll booths to be owned by Australia and Spain." "Besides" he added, "There is nothing wrong with selling America to foreign countries. More and more savvy business people are doing this every year."

He added, "Another benefit is that when a teacher has a tech support problem with the on-line version of testing all they have to do is call tech support in India or Singapore to get help."

To which Democrats said, "Yeah, but you may be on hold for 75 years to get an answer."

Daniels smiled and said, "But we got the money up front!"


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