Friday, June 09, 2006

Math and Science, Math and Science......what about....

Here is an interesting article link provided by a regular reader. (Note: the link does require registration but it is fairly simple)

The basic premise is that all the talk is about Math and Science, but what about all the other issues and needs? Here is an excerpt....

Of course, fretting about public education is something of a national pastime. Every few years a new survey comes out, showing that American schoolchildren lag
behind their global counterparts in science and math. That inevitably sends lawmakers and the public into a panic. Soon, we hear, the United States will
become a nation of baristas and retail clerks, while Asians leave their kids with the Nannybot, commute to work on cold fusion-powered monorails, and fine-tune the software that will put Microsoft and Google out of business.

And yet, for all the anxiety that science and math education inspires, the state of global languages, politics, history, and culture in U.S. schools may actually be scarier. Whether it is translating and analyzing intelligence intercepts in Arabic and Farsi, guiding American industry through new markets in Asia, collaborating with research partners across the globe, or shaping the foreign policy of the world’s only superpower at the ballot box, young Americans will struggle to bear their responsibilities.


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