Friday, March 03, 2006

No College Student Left Behind

Here comes the push for standardized testing requirements for any colleges that accept federal funds.

Our university systems were the envy of the world.

By golly we can't have that. Let's test 'em all and let God sort 'em out.

No Child Left Untested.

Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Indiana announces winning bid on K-12 public education

The Super's Blog has discovered a heretofore undiscovered top secret memo that explains in excruciating detail future plans for selling Indiana's K-12 education system.

According to government sources the U.A.E (United Arab Educators) is in the running for top bid in Indiana's efforts to sell education to the highest bidder. Explaining the bid was Indiana's top education advisor. "Any port in a storm, I always said, so I think this bid to sell Indiana's K-12 system to UAE is an excellent offer. The financial picture for public schools doesn't look good so I say take the money and run."

Details of the plan show that UAE would take over all Indiana K-12 school corporations for 75 years by paying 4 bazillion up front and Indiana would forego all profits to UAE. When reminded that schools don't make profits, they meet expenses, spokespersons disagreed.

They replied, "Hey it works for port security and it works for Hoosier toll roads. It works for all private outsourcing the same way. What's the diff. The bumper sticker saying used to be "Buy American" but now the bumper sticker says, "Sell America!"

When asked how Spain and Australia can make profits on toll roads but Hoosiers cannot, an anonymous spokesperson said it bluntly, "Patrons will not tolerate government raising tolls for roads nor funds for schools, but patrons EXPECT private businesses to raise costs and make a profit. It's just that simple."

"Get used to it."