Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Blue Cross Blue Shield Announces 65% Solution

Breaking News in Health Care

In a major announcement today, the Blue Cross Blue Shield Health Insurance company revealed it's new nationwide initiative entitled, "The 65% Solution."

In a well staged press conference, breathless spokesperson I. M. Inshured2BadUrKnot stated, "The 65% Solution" is likely to be the answer to controlling health care costs in all health care situations involving surgical procedures. "

I.M. Inshured reviewed the key points. "The major step is to insure that the surgeon gets 65% of every claim. Only 35% of surgical costs can be spent on support services, anesthesia, surgical rooms, medical supplies, or janitorial services or even nurses unless they are on the surgical team. Sixty-five percent of all claims must go directly to surgical services."

When questioned about where the idea came from, Blue Cross Blue Shield spokespeople freely admitted they stole the idea from First Class Education.

I. M. Insured stated, "State legislatures everywhere are applying the 65% solution to education and are requiring 65% of all education costs to be spent on instruction."

When asked where the research base was to support the 65% threshold the Blue Cross spokesperson grinned and said, "The same place First Class Education got their research on the 65% solution. They pulled it out of their heads or somewhere else."

Carnival of Education

Don't forget to take a walk on the midway today and check out the Edusphere's blog submissions this week. The Super's Blog has been woefully lax in submitting our link to the EdWonks Weekly Carnival of late but we shan't forget to shamelessly stump for EdWonk anyway!!! :-)

Monday, March 20, 2006

Scrappleface Satire

Here is a satire post from Scrappleface regarding the recent public flap over the geography teacher that likened President Bush to Hitler.