Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Indiana announces new initiative " Driving Money out of the Classroom."


Indiana has announced a new initiative titled, "Driving Money Out of the Classroom." A spokesperson for Governor Daniels announced, "We are very proud of this subterfuge. While we announced publicly that our goal was to drive money to the classroom, our true efforts are to drive money out of education all together."

She explained, "The new property tax caps in the new law we just passed that we refer to as the '2% circuit breaker' is designed to cap every patron's property tax at 2%. The cool part of this is that areas that have total property taxes over 2% will have to lose funding. The schools in those areas that have debt payments for building projects will still have to make their payments to avoid defaulting on their loans. So all over there will be schools having to use general fund money to make their debt payments. Neat huh!"

She added, "The net effect will be to drive money out of education altogether. That's even BETTER than driving money into the classroom."

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Dueling Dropouts

My data is bigger than your data! So there. Dueling dropout reports.

Debate on April 27th.

Meanwhile, another one bites the dust.


Indiana's Governor Mitch Daniels announces he may take a job as a "part time carnival barker."

Story here.