Thursday, May 18, 2006

Bloated scores or floating cut scores?

Indy Star likes these type of headlines. Indiana is criticized for reporting high graduation rates and state proficiency levels higher than NAEP scores.

From reading most of the actual paper posted on line by the author, one of the major problems is trying to rank the states when the states use different measuring sticks for determining proficiency.

The author seems to think that if the NAEP proficiency percentages match the state's reported percentages on their statewide assessments, then they are "not inflated."

Yet who says the NAEP cut scores are appropriate? Who says Indiana's scores aren't a better measure of true proficiency? Well it depends on what your agenda is. There certainly has been enough educational researchers question the appropriateness of the NAEP proficiency levels.

Here is an article from 2004 that describes why it is hard to make sense of all the proficiency hoopla.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Blogging about flogging...

Indiana Republicans have taken notice to Greg Walker's recent primary conquest over the Indiana Senates most powerful republican Robert Garton. Garton has run unopposed since 1970 in the Republican primary and has never been defeated. Until now. He was soundly trounced by an opponent whose most interesting platform plank is his support for public flogging as a disciplinary measure. Click here for more.

Rumors have it that Democrats are considering probing Walker's public support for stocks and bonds. At first they thought it was his accounting background but maybe he supports "stocks" on the courthouse lawn and various other types of "bonds."

Democrats will just have "whip" up a new strategy to defeat him in the fall electrocution, I mean election.