Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Supe's On (Different burner)

A number of e-mails have come in wondering what happened to The Supe.

Here's the story. The Super's Blog had a small number of very dedicated readers - a number of them from around the nation and a handful in Indiana.

The number of hits on The Super's Blog was limited to a small number of reader's of interest and was not growing.

On the contrast - another superintendent blog site I have monitored is called The Wawascene. It is run by a Superintendent in Syracuse, Indiana. It gets 100,000 hits a month and seems to be growing. I decided to let The Super's Blog lie dormant for awhile and watch some local superintendent blogs to see what is happening.

What did I learn?

You've heard the saying, "All politics is local?"

I believe the power to improve education lies at the local level. The greater public is not so interested in what an anonymous superintendent in this nation is saying - no matter how fun the satire is.

But supe's listen up - the community does care about what you have to say and what you think about various issues. But do they really know? What unfiltered forums do you have to get a message out?

Some Supe's are finding out that blogging at the local level is one way.

I noticed on the AASA website that Superintendent Mark J. Stock from The Wawascene ( http://wawasee.blogspot.com ) is scheduled to lecture on this phenomenon along with Superintendent Clayton Wilcox at the AASA conference in New Orleans. Both of these gentlemen ( I am assuming that they are indeed gentlemen) wrote articles for AASA in the May, 2006 magazine, The School Administrator.

I will watch other Supe's local blogs and will leave this one dormant for awhile.